What are the meanings of different jewelry colors?

As a woman, you have to go out with decent jewelry; necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, you have to have one of that. It seems that with them, you will be confident when you go out. People often choose the colour of jewelry according to their hobbies. Therefore, according to the analysis of experts concerned, colour has personality, and each colour has a certain meaning:

1. Red: expressing vitality, health, enthusiasm and hope;
2. Orange: expressing excitement, joy, liveliness and gorgeous;
3. Yellow: It means gentle, bright and happy;
4. Green: expressing youth, peace and vitality;
5. Cyan: Expressing hope, firmness and solemnity;
6. Blue: It means beautiful, fresh and quiet;
7. Purple: It means noble, elegant and gorgeous;
8. Gold: It means glory, luxury and brilliance;
9. White: It means pure, holy and refreshing;
10. Black: It means mystery, silence and meancholy.

Dear girl, are you exquisite and confident?

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Four World-renowned Jewelry Brands

Beauty is a woman’s nature, we all like beautiful things, jewelry is such a existence, jewelry will make you more beautiful. Today, let’s talk about four world-renowned jewelry brands.

1. Swarovski
Swarovski’s name is commonly heard. This brand comes from Austria. Its exquisite cutting technology and imitation crystal products are very famous all over the world. Products are not only jewelry, but also clothing, lighting, watches and so on. But its main products are imitation crystal jewelry. The most mainstream jewelry is the Black Swan series and the Devil’s Eye series, the brand is Swan as a trademark, as long as you see the swan’s logo, you know Swarovski’s products.

2. Tiffany
Tiffany was born in New York, USA. Her soul is based on innovation and design. She is known as the queen of the jewelry industry. Audrey Hepburn’s famous film Breakfast in Tiffany, The hostess stood on the street and looked in the window at the jewels of his family. Among Tiffany’s brands, diamonds and silver are the most famous. Tiffany’s blue gift box and six inlaid diamond rings are the classic products of the brand. The key-shaped necklace is also classic.

3. Givenchy
Givancy’s famous designer has a close relationship with Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn brought the brand’s popularity. It is also loved by Princess Diana of England. Products include jewelry, clothing, lipstick, perfume, bags and so on. Many fashion women and stars like this brand. Giovanci’s jewelry is always eye-catching, and it’s easy to associate words like elegance and temperament.

4. Pandora
Pandora jewelry brand from Denmark. Pandora is famous for Beaded bracelets, which are said to be freely combined in series, And every bead can stand the test. Many young people are caught in the pursuit of a unique heart and have many loyal customers. Pandora’s necklace is best known for its blue ocean heart. It’s reminiscent of the heroine’s ocean heart in Titanic.

Which of the four jewelry brands do you prefer? We also make jewelry. We will learn from good brands and give our best products to our friends. We can not fail your trust and support. Caperci will strive to do better and hope that friends who love jewelry will be beautiful forever.

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Angel Wings Heart Necklace and Earrings

Do you like angel? Every girl is an angel on earth. You are the embodiment of beauty and goodness. In order for angels to always remember the goodness and beauty of their hearts, Caperci designer designed angel wings heart necklace and angel wings heart earrings.

Caperci angel wings heart necklace and earrings has two colors, blue and purple. Blue is the color of the sky, representing women’s tolerance and intellectuality. Purple is a soft color, representing women’s gentleness and charm.
angel blueangel purple

Product details

Pendant size: 0.9×1.0 inches / 2.2 x 2.5 cm

Chain Length: 16+2 inches / 45 +5 cm

Material: SWAROVSKI Elements Crystals

Crystal Color: Blue, Purple, White

Metal: White gold-plated brass

·If you are a kind girl, this product is suitable for you.
·If you are a mom and want to give good wishes to your baby, this is a very good gift.
·If you want to give a gift to the angel in your heart, it’s just right.
·If you want to thank the people who helped you, it’s the best gift.

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The woman I respect – Irene Ford

Models are the spokespersons of fashion. We can often see models on fashion shows, fashion week for a certain clothing brand, jewelry brand show, they let us better understand fashion trends, but today I want to talk about the godmother of the model world, Irene Ford. One of the leading fashion figures.
No matter where Ford, no matter what age she was, she gave me a feeling of confidence and determination. And her dress is a decent costume and indispensable jewelry, firm and confident heart, beautiful appearance, so that Ford from the inside to the outside exudes the wisdom and beauty of mature women.
I respect and admire her, she and fashion will remain in our hearts forever.

Happy New Year 2019

QQ图片20190102155856.pngCaperci wishing you all the best in the new year!

Beautiful and Healthy!

Fashion and Happy!

Tell you the meaning of wearing each ring!

Right little finger: Without falling in love

Right ring finger: In love

Right middle finger: Send me no flowers

Right index finger: Single noble

Left little finger: Unwilling to marry

Left ring finger: Married

Left middle finger: Engaged

Left index finger: Unmarried

Thumb: Representation of power can also mean self-confidence.

Are you wearing the right ring?

Do you know why women like jewelry?

No woman dislikes jewelry. If you are a delicate woman, you must have jewelry.

1. Jewelry Brings Women – Favourite
Jewelry is the most appropriate way to show love.He put on a ring for you and set his hand for you; he put on a necklace for you and kissed you on the forehead; he put on a bracelet for you and thanked you for your company in this life. Napoleon also wanted to flatter his queen with a jewelry crown. For women, jewelry given by love meant favourite.
ring 1
2. Jewelry Brings Women – Taste
A truly confident woman never tells anyone where she has been, who she has seen and what jewelry she has bought. Such a woman is truly tasteful. She has unique vision and can choose the jewelry that can best foil herself and have the most appreciation space.Such a woman can also arrange her own life, perfect interpretation of every role in life. They constantly enrich themselves, cultivate their body and mind, meet the jewelry they really like, they never let go.
bracelet 2
3.Jewelry Brings Woman-infatuation
It’s reasonable that women are infatuated with jewelry. Even if the heroine in Titanic doesn’t love her fiance, her eyes still shine when she sees him take out the “heart of the sea”Jewelry, the degree of obsession often far more than its own value can be made.Monica Berucci, a wild and sexy Italian beauty. She is infatuated with jewelry. She once said, “Beautiful women, wearing the right jewelry complements each other. Wearing the wrong jewelry is the icing on the cake.” Anyway, as long as it’s jewelry, there’s nothing that doesn’t stop women from shining.”
necklace 3
4. Jewelry Brings Women – Accompaniment
In 2003, Marilyn Monroe was shocked when her jewelry was accidentally stolen from an exhibition at the Cantihall Gallery in London. One of the stolen jewelry was a gold ring with the first letter of Monroe’s English name “M” in the shape of a diamond. The other was a gold bracelet with diamonds. The total value was estimated to be 40 thousand pounds, which Monroe loved very much during her lifetime. She often wore them in and out of various occasions.
Monroe once shouted “Marry a millionaire” and regarded jewelry as her confidant. And the men around her, from the President of the United States to the Arab Prince, have plenty of millionaires to choose from. But even to death, these men did not give Monroe the marriage life, only her beloved jewelry accompanied her through the last moment of life.
earrings 4
5. Jewelry Brings Women Beauty
Do you know Princess Diana’s famous “crown of tears”, which means “pearls also tear for her beauty”. The crown was given to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1981. With this crown as a backdrop, Princess Diana’s beauty is immense. Princess Diana has revealed that she loves the crown very much and often unconsciously finds it when she needs to wear it.
Jewelry to beauty, the beautiful jewelry can better reflect the nobility of women, gentle, graceful manner. These babies you love can add a lot to your beauty.
Remember, a woman can’t live without three things: jewelry, smile and herself!