Happy New Year 2019

QQ图片20190102155856.pngCaperci wishing you all the best in the new year!

Beautiful and Healthy!

Fashion and Happy!

Tell you the meaning of wearing each ring!

Right little finger: Without falling in love

Right ring finger: In love

Right middle finger: Send me no flowers

Right index finger: Single noble

Left little finger: Unwilling to marry

Left ring finger: Married

Left middle finger: Engaged

Left index finger: Unmarried

Thumb: Representation of power can also mean self-confidence.

Are you wearing the right ring?


Do you know why women like jewelry?

No woman dislikes jewelry. If you are a delicate woman, you must have jewelry.

1. Jewelry Brings Women – Favourite
Jewelry is the most appropriate way to show love.He put on a ring for you and set his hand for you; he put on a necklace for you and kissed you on the forehead; he put on a bracelet for you and thanked you for your company in this life. Napoleon also wanted to flatter his queen with a jewelry crown. For women, jewelry given by love meant favourite.
ring 1
2. Jewelry Brings Women – Taste
A truly confident woman never tells anyone where she has been, who she has seen and what jewelry she has bought. Such a woman is truly tasteful. She has unique vision and can choose the jewelry that can best foil herself and have the most appreciation space.Such a woman can also arrange her own life, perfect interpretation of every role in life. They constantly enrich themselves, cultivate their body and mind, meet the jewelry they really like, they never let go.
bracelet 2
3.Jewelry Brings Woman-infatuation
It’s reasonable that women are infatuated with jewelry. Even if the heroine in Titanic doesn’t love her fiance, her eyes still shine when she sees him take out the “heart of the sea”Jewelry, the degree of obsession often far more than its own value can be made.Monica Berucci, a wild and sexy Italian beauty. She is infatuated with jewelry. She once said, “Beautiful women, wearing the right jewelry complements each other. Wearing the wrong jewelry is the icing on the cake.” Anyway, as long as it’s jewelry, there’s nothing that doesn’t stop women from shining.”
necklace 3
4. Jewelry Brings Women – Accompaniment
In 2003, Marilyn Monroe was shocked when her jewelry was accidentally stolen from an exhibition at the Cantihall Gallery in London. One of the stolen jewelry was a gold ring with the first letter of Monroe’s English name “M” in the shape of a diamond. The other was a gold bracelet with diamonds. The total value was estimated to be 40 thousand pounds, which Monroe loved very much during her lifetime. She often wore them in and out of various occasions.
Monroe once shouted “Marry a millionaire” and regarded jewelry as her confidant. And the men around her, from the President of the United States to the Arab Prince, have plenty of millionaires to choose from. But even to death, these men did not give Monroe the marriage life, only her beloved jewelry accompanied her through the last moment of life.
earrings 4
5. Jewelry Brings Women Beauty
Do you know Princess Diana’s famous “crown of tears”, which means “pearls also tear for her beauty”. The crown was given to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1981. With this crown as a backdrop, Princess Diana’s beauty is immense. Princess Diana has revealed that she loves the crown very much and often unconsciously finds it when she needs to wear it.
Jewelry to beauty, the beautiful jewelry can better reflect the nobility of women, gentle, graceful manner. These babies you love can add a lot to your beauty.
Remember, a woman can’t live without three things: jewelry, smile and herself!

Efficiency Of Wearing 925 Silver Jewelry

Silver bracelet is a kind of expectation, love and protection given to children by adults. I hope that children will grow up quickly, be healthy and lively, live a long life, be rich and prosperous, go in and out safely, etc. 925 silver jewelry will become the best gift of love and blessings to the younger generation.
bracelet one
If the 925 silver bracelet on the baby’s hand suddenly turns black, you should pay special attention to it. The baby must be frightened, or there is a serious source of sulphur pollution near the baby, which leads to the variation of pure silver bracelet.
bracelet two
Silver is the best metal for poisoning test. Every day, people’s body emits some toxins. Pure silver jewelry can absorb these toxins. This is also the reason why some people wear 925 silver jewelry, which causes blackening. The antioxidant property and gloss durability of silver jewelry are related to their physical fitness. People with good physical fitness will wear more brightly. If the body is weak, silver jewelry may have more toxins and black soon, so often wear pure silver jewelry, can help the body toxin discharge. Silver plated on the surface or silver with insufficient fineness does not have this function, on the contrary, it may cause allergies due to the chemical action of plating or excessive impurities.

Women And Jewelry

Women and jewelry

Like a fish, it can’t live without water.

Flowers cannot live without sunshine

Jewelry is a woman’s open lover


Not every woman goes into the kitchen and takes down her beloved jewels, but the woman who takes them must love her man very much, just as she can put down her beloved jewels with all her strength so as not to stain her with oil.
ring one
Conclusion: The woman without jewellery in the kitchen is kind, and the man who does not wear jewelry in the kitchen will treat her as jewelry. She would rather put it down than hurt him.


Gem is a delicious food. Like a tonic, beauty, beauty;
Women’s table, in addition to fruit, coffee, food, the lack of jewelry. Jewelry for women, the effect is great, wearing happy, comfortable mood.
ring two
Conclusion: Knowing how to wear appropriate jewelry on different occasions, she must be familiar with the world and have a wide circle of communication.


The study is full of fragrance, appropriate jewelry, quiet reading, there is no lack of another artistic conception.
It’s not necessarily about showing jewelry to people. Leaving aside vanity and savoring the stories and history full of each gem, the profound flavor is mixed with the fragrance of books to write their own feelings, and a romantic novel of its own springs up like bamboo shoots.
ring three
Conclusion: The women who wear gems in their study are indifferent to fame and wealth and love fantasy. Their dreams are colorful.


A woman’s bedroom is similar to a woman’s jewelry box. It is not easy to open to others. The jewelry placed in the bedroom may not be worn on her body.
Put it on the bed and enjoy it quietly before going to bed. It is like a work of art, thinking about the designer’s thoughts when making it, and savoring it slowly.
ring four

Conclusion: The women wearing jewelry in the bedroom are sexy, and they are eager to satisfy more desires.

Women are touched by jewelry

Jewelry is more dazzling because of women

The relationship between women and jewelry is always interesting.

Harry Winston and Antique Jewelry

Herry Winston, the founder of the brand, has made his jewelry career possible by his love for antique jewelry. In 1920, Mr. Harry Winston founded his first jewelry company in New York. After World War I, the economy of the United States had just shown signs of recovery, and antique jewelry appeared frequently at major jewelry auctions. Born in a jeweler’s family, Mr. Harry Winston is keenly aware of the unique opportunities behind this era. As a result, he traveled around the world, buying the most prestigious private collection jewelry at auction, cutting and mosaic again, and making refined improvements.

By 1934, Mr. Harry Winston had become a household name in the United States. In the same year, he bought the 726-carat Jonker, the first important diamond in his life in New York. This is the first time in American history that such a large number of carats has been ushered in, for which the whole United States has fallen. Even the Oscar winner, the hero Claude Colbert of “One Night’s Rush” and the child star Sully Dumbledore have taken photos with their own hands.

Mr. Harry Winston is a man admired by all the jewelry industry. His innovative spirit will continue. I hope our jewelry will get better and better.

Are you ready for the Christmas Eve gift?

It is said that Santa Claus will quietly put gifts in the door or Christmas stockings, and receive all kinds of favorite gifts. Although there is no Santa Claus in our life, you can be a lover or family Santa Claus and quietly buy their favorite gifts. So what to send on Christmas Eve?


What to send to your lover on Christmas Eve?
Love is when two hearts miss each other. No matter where the she is, you know she’s in your heart. Love is always sweet, and you hope that your hearts will never change. A Best Christmas Eve gift for Lovers, Express the best meaning of love in this double-heart necklace.
What to send to family on Christmas Eve?
It is our parents who give us life, bring us to this time, and give us selfless love and protection.We can only express our gratitude for the hard work of mother’s 10-month pregnancy. So on special festivals, we also want to give our mother a special gift, telling her that you raised me, worked hard, and I love you.


What to send to friends on Christmas Eve?
Friends are precious treasures in our life. What is a friend? Friends are helping you when you need help. They are encouraging and hugging you when you are disappointed. You will live happier because of your friends.It’s lucky to have a bosom friend. On special day, this heart-shaped necklace is given to your good friend, you are my friend in heart.


Every special day deserves to be treated with care. Life needs a sense of ritual. Any kind of feeling needs to be managed and cherished.